3/19/2021 to 4/9/2021

*This information is being provided to inform/remind employees of our ON-GOING employee referral program.*


$1,000 Referral Bonus


Talented IT, Inc. is experiencing rapid growth and we are in need of several new employees.  We are looking to hire for the following position:


Talented IT, Inc. has openings for the following positions in Naperville, IL and various unanticipated locations throughout the US:


·       Software Engineers (Job Code SE; multiple openings) - design, develop, implement, test & support applications software.


·       Mechanical Engineer (Job Code ME) - design, development & support of mechanical products, components, & systems, specifically structural & thermal FEA & CFD analysis.


Travel and/or relocation required for all positions.


A current list of ALL OPENINGS may be found on our company website at http://www.talentedit.com/careers.htm.



Refer all your friends who might be a match for the positions we are looking to hire.


If your referral gets hired by us, you will make $1,000 – it’s that simple!


So keep those referrals coming and keep making thousands of dollars.



To apply for the Employee Referral Bonus, send the candidate’s resume along with the attached completed form to Recruiter@TalentedIT.com.

Or, drop off the completed package to the HR department.



Date Posted: ______________________                               Date Removed: ______________________


Place where notice was posted: 800 W. Fifth Ave, #208A, Naperville, IL 60563________________________



                                        Signed:  Siva Tripuraneni, CEO


This information was also emailed to all employees on 3/16/2021 (see attached printouts).


Talented IT, Inc.

Employee Referral Form


Name of Employee_______________________                   Date_______________


Department_________________________   Manager_______________________                                   


Name of Person Referred ______________________________________________


Relationship with Person Referred:

  Colleague   Friend          Former Coworker    Other___________________


Date Referral Made ___________________________________________________


Referral for What Position _____________________________________________


Resume Attached?

Yes__________          No__________



Completed Application Attached?

Yes_________            No__________


Contact Information for Referral



 I believe the individual I am referring as a job candidate is qualified and interested in the position identified above.  I understand that if this individual is hired as a result of this referral, I will be eligible for a referral bonus that will be paid out only after the individual has worked the necessary period of time specified for such referral bonus payments.



X_________________________                                                       ________________

Employee Signature                                                                           Date